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Powell at the UN

(Originally posted to Politics at EraBlog on Sun, 09 Feb 2003 08:30:52 GMT)

Earlier today, I posted some reactions to Powell’s visit to the UN, including my own. Since then, I’ve come across some in­ter­est­ing links.

Powell’s Evidence Looking Shaky describes several serious short­com­ings: the aluminum tubes, "the fine paper that the United Kingdom dis­trib­uted" (pla­gia­rized), and a supposed al-Qaida camp in Northern Iraq.

The LA Times has Iraq Opens Suspicious Sites to Eyes of Media.

In a lighter note, Neal Pollack makes fun of live coverage of the Powell address.

I fear that Bush has painted himself into a corner. He can’t afford to back down now without losing face. That means we’ll go to war, unless Saddam steps down, which is almost as unlikely as Bush backing down. Feh!

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