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Her Left Foot

Her Left Foot

(Originally posted to Personal at EraBlog on Tue, 22 Apr 2003 16:04:19 GMT)

I’ve been too busy in the last few weeks to post anything here. Mostly because I’ve been busy with work. Partially because I’m too disgusted with Iraq to say anything useful: Win the war and lose the peace. Feh!

In the last few days, I’ve been at home taking care of Emma. On Friday morning, she had a Morton’s neuroma removed from her left foot. A nerve running through the space between a couple of her toes had become enlarged to about a centimeter in diameter, and it had been causing her a lot of pain. She wasn’t able to stand or walk for more than 20 minutes without discomfort, which rapidly grew worse the longer she stayed on her feet. It first became a serious problem when we were in Ireland during Christmas 2001, when her foot gave out on Christmas Day. She was in great pain and spent the rest of the vacation on crutches.

For the first week or so, she has to keep her foot elevated as much as possible, and she’s under doctor’s orders not to put any weight on it. Even if she were inclined to flout the orders, any time that she’s ac­ci­den­tal­ly jolted it has been intensely painful. I’m staying home for a few days to help nurse her.

After she goes back to work, I’m still going to have to look after her for the next six-to-eight weeks. She’s supposed to minimize the amount of walking or standing that she does, which means that she can’t wait for the bus and she can’t drive, so I’ll have to bring her to and from work. I’ll also have to bring her to physical therapy several times a week.

She’s bearing up well, con­sid­er­ing the amount of pain that she’s been in and the frus­tra­tion she feels at being able to do so little for herself. I dislike seeing her in pain, so I’m looking forward to the time that she’ll be able to walk com­fort­ably again.

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