George V. Reilly

Hurricane Katrina Determined to Strike in US

In August 2001, George W. Bush ignored a warning that Osama Bin Laden would attack the US. Thousands died.

In March 2003, Bush started an un­nec­es­sary war against Iraq. Tens of thousands died.

In August 2005, Bush ignored warnings that a major hurricane would strike New Orleans, and stayed on vacation. He played guitar in Arizona while New Orleans drowned. Uncounted thousands died.

Not until Wednesday did he return to Washington. Even now, he has yet to show leadership. Photo ops are not leadership. Platitudes are not leadership.

For four years, the Bush ad­min­is­tra­tion has played the terror card, warning us again and again that terrorists would strike our cities. Billions have been spent on homeland defense. Where did the money go? Where were the con­tin­gency plans? Why was FEMA’s response so out­ra­geous­ly in­com­pe­tent? Why are thousands of people still trapped in New Orleans? Why are thousands dead?

The small-government con­ser­v­a­tives in their zeal to drown government in the bathtub have drowned New Orleans instead.

Bush gutted FEMA, replacing the competent Witt with two cronies, Allbaugh and Brown.

Bush repeatedly gutted the budget for the levees, to pay for his un­con­scionable tax cuts.

Bush gutted the National Guard, sending them off to die in Iraq.

Bush ignores global warming, while the hurricanes grow fiercer every year.

Bush could not avert Hurricane Katrina. No one could. But he is re­spon­si­ble for the inadequate prepa­ra­tion, and for the wretchedly inept followup.

It is time for George Bush’s ac­count­abil­i­ty moment. The president’s job is serve and protect the American people. He has failed to do either. It is time for him to go.

Impeach him!

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