George V. Reilly

Basement: Concrete Actions

The basement looks far better tonight than last night.

Yesterday, I removed all the lower panels along the entire front wall, and filled in the cracks with concrete. I also bought some in­ex­pen­sive folding doors that will require some framing.

Today, Chuck came over after the BiNet Brunch and helped me put back up the panels and finish all the painting. It looks intensely yellow. The dark blue carpet will help tone it down.

After I’ve framed the doors, the carpet can be layed. I’m busy all next weekend, at Tim Grey’s Photoshop Seminar, so I’ll have to do it in the evenings.

I have not yet been able to order the window. Although the window was measured on Monday afternoon, the dimensions had not yet been sent to Lowe’s as of Friday evening.

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