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Jim McDermott needs money

I’m a lot happier in my U.S. con­gress­man, Jim McDermott, than I am in my senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. (Especially Cantwell.)

Jim has been a strong pro­gres­sive voice in Congress for years. His early opposition to the Iraq War led to him being dubbed ‘Baghdad Jim’ by infuriated Re­pub­li­cans. He was one of the first national politi­cians to support Howard Dean’s bid for the presidency. He had a big role in Fahrenheit 9/11. And he reads the role of Leopold Bloom for the Wild Geese Players of Seattle’s readings of *Ulysses*.

For a decade, Jim has been fighting a legal battle for freedom of speech. Recently, the appeals court ruled against him, leaving him with a $700,000 legal bill.

One Seattle activist is organizing a theatrical benefit for Jim McDermott. More background on Boehner v. McDermott at the preceding link and at Mc­Der­mot­tFor­

Send money at the McDermott Legal Expense Trust.

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