George V. Reilly

Barbecue University

One of my favorite shows is back on the TiVo. Barbecue University is Steven Raichlen’s show about all kinds of grilling and barbecue techniques and recipes.

I love this recipe for Afghan Game Hens, although I always substitute chicken(s) for the game hens. This recipe convinced me to buy a rotisserie. It’s been a huge hit whenever I’ve served it up. It’s not the easiest meal to prepare, so I don’t do it often. Note: I cook the marinaded onions in a pan and serve them with the chicken. Yum!

Beer Can Chicken, on the other hand, is very easy. It also works well in the oven. Last year, I found a stand which holds the beer can; it’s far more stable than propping the chicken just on the can and the leg tips.

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