George V. Reilly


Mac Book Pro

I ordered a 17" Mac Book Pro on Friday night. It shipped from Shanghai on Monday and arrived at work this morning. Scha-weet! And spendy.

I’ve been busy ramping up all day. I estimate that my total lifetime usage of Macs was about one day before today. I definitely have some new habits to learn.

So far, I’ve installed Mac Vim, Firefox (browser), Camino (browser), Thun­der­bird (email), Quick­sil­ver (fast launch utility), Witch (window switcher), AntiRSI (RSI preventer), Adium (multi-protocol chat), Skype (Internet telephony), Remote Desktop Connection (connecting to Windows desktops), StuffIt Expander (for classic archives), and KeePassX (password manager).

Some of these have built-in equiv­a­lents of course, but I’m using these for com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with my existing Windows and Linux setups and data (e.g., Thun­der­bird, KeePassX) or because I’m too entrenched to change (Vim).

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