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Scott Hanselman wrote today about family backup plans and alerted me to MozBackup. MozBackup can backup all of your crucial Firefox and Thun­der­bird files to a single, con­sol­i­dat­ed PCV file, saving you the hassle of figuring out where all the crucial files live on your hard disk.

You still have to back that PCV file up to a CD or an external drive, but now you have one file to back up instead of several dozen, scattered across several different, deeply hidden directory trees with non-obvious names.

Speaking of backup plans, I need a better one for myself. I regularly do a manual backup of my crucial data to a rotating set of thumb­drives and move them by hand between my different computers. I’m not doing a good job of backing up my photos, only spo­rad­i­cal­ly backing them up by hand to external USB drives.

I really need:

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