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Bags, again

Tom Bihn Bags' Super Ego

I got myself a R.E.Load bag for my birthday. My previous bag, a so-called Large Cafe bag from Tom Bihn, wasn’t large enough to ac­com­mo­date a 17" MacBook Pro.

The R.E.Load bag turned out to be less than ideal. It is, if anything, too big, and it lacks dividers and smaller pockets. My laptop and other stuff was swimming around inside it. It’s a messenger bag aimed at real bike messengers, not laptop-toting nerds.

Last weekend, I went down to Tom Bihn’s showroom again and picked up a Super Ego bag, like the one pictured here. This bag is designed to tote laptops, and it’s working out a lot better.

I still have the other bag for now. R.E.Load would only take it back for in-store credit, and I didn’t see myself wanting another bag from them. I haven’t decided if I’m going to hang on to it, or try to sell it on Craig’s List.

It’s a pity. I like the outside of the R.E.Load bag and the inside of the Tom Bihn bag.

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