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Review: The Bavarian Gate

The Bavarian Gate
Title: The Bavarian Gate
Author: John Dalmas
Rating: ★ ★ ½
Publisher: Baen
Copyright: 1997
Pages: 342
Keywords: fantasy
Reading period: 4-5 September, 2007

A loose sequel to The Lion of Farside. The newly widowed Curtis Macurdy has returned to Earth in 1933. He heads west to a lumber town in Oregon where he becomes a sheriff’s deputy. After Pearl Harbor, he enlists in the Army and quickly becomes a para­troop­er. Despite showing great promise (and having been a general on Yuulith!), Macurdy refuses to be sent to Officer Training School. After some hair-raising adventures in North Africa that he only survives due to his Yuulith-trained magical abilities, he is recruited by the Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner of the CIA). The Nazi’s Occult Bureau has es­tab­lished contact with aliens via a di­men­sion­al gate in Bavaria. Macurdy is sent in as a spy amongst the Nazis, and later returns to destroy the gate.

A strange, disjointed book. The section in Oregon seems wholly un­nec­ces­sary. The para­troop­er section seems mostly to have been thrown in as the author underwent airborne training later in the war. The alien voitar are from a distant part of Yuulith; otherwise this book has almost no ties to the previous book.

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