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Review: Triggerfish Twist

Triggerfish Twist
Title: Trig­ger­fish Twist
Author: Tim Dorsey
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ½
Publisher: Harper Torch
Copyright: 2002
Pages: 372
Keywords: humor, crime
Reading period: 16 December, 2007

Another book featuring Serge A. Storms, the almost-likable serial killer and amateur historian of Florida.

Serge, his coke-addict, stripper girlfriend, Sharon, and his stoner sidekick, Coleman, rent a house on Trig­ger­fish Lane, Tampa. Their landlord is trying to drive out the few remaining homeowners on the block, so that he can bulldoze it for condos.

It’s quite the neigh­bor­hood. a former mil­lion­aire who likes to test-drive expensive cars; the psychotic Little League coach with a pit bull; the student party house; the South American death squad guy in hiding; and Jim Davenport, a business consultant who gets fired by the new management for being too honest.

Add Serge and his coterie, various bad guys, random acts of stupidity and caprice, and stir, then watch the mayhem.

En­ter­tain­ing and more coherent than the last book that I read by Dorsey.

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