George V. Reilly

Review: Passage

Title: Passage
Author: Connie Willis
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ½
Publisher: Bantam
Copyright: 2001
Pages: 780
Keywords: science fiction
Reading period: 8–15 June, 2008

Two scientists are re­search­ing Near-Death Ex­pe­ri­ences, to learn what causes them and what happens during them. This is partly a detective story, partly a story about doing science. The two main characters are likeable and there’s a memorable cast of supporting characters: the garrulous WWII veteran; the ma­nip­u­la­tive but charming nine-year-old girl; the horrible psychic fraud; the hardboiled ER nurse; the former English teacher with Alzheimer’s; and his caretaker niece.

En­ter­tain­ing, but too long.

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