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No on Proposition 8

Bert and Ernie: Support Gay Marriage

There was only sour note to the huge victories in Tuesday’s elections: the passage of Propo­si­tion 8, the anti-gay marriage amendment in California. A deceitful campaign preyed on voters’ fears and homophobia. The No on 8 campaign was massively outspent and not very effective.

I’m convinced that marriage equality will come, but this is a setback. Gay couples, who only gained the right to marry earlier this year in California, have lost that right.

The Mormon Church was the prime mover behind the Yes on 8 campaign, donating $19 million, nearly 80% of the total raised. A backlash is brewing. John Aravosis of Amer­i­ca­Blog is trying to organize a boycott of Utah. Others are trying to get the tax-exempt status of the Latter Day Saints repealed: sign the petition.

[First in a series of daily posts for NaBloPoMo, the National Blog Posting Month, which I just found out about.]

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