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Games Night

Games Night

Emma and I moved in together in August 1998, and promptly started a tradition that we’ve maintained ever since: Games Night. On the second and fourth Thursday evening of every month, we invite our friends over to play board games.

For us, it’s a low-effort way to stay in touch with our friends, and for our friends to see each other. Some people are regulars and make it almost every time. Others we see once or twice a year at Games Night, if that. Games are the excuse, but many people come by to chat.

We provide a space and a pre­dictable time. We have drinks on hand and often a snack. Our guests will often bring a snack too; some bring their own games to augment our selection.

Tonight was typical. Kal and his daughter Robin came, and Louise dropped by for a while. We played Upwords, a sort of light­weight 3D Scrabble.

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