George V. Reilly

Nader's irrelevancy


Via Amer­i­ca­Blog, I see that Kos is ridiculing Nader and his diehard supporters.

I was mildly sym­pa­thet­ic to Nader in 2000, though I em­phat­i­cal­ly disagreed with him that Gore and Bush were Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Eric Alterman argues that Nader cost Gore the election.

I was pissed when Nader ran in 2004, after going dark for three years. He had built up a big movement in 2000. Nearly three million people voted for him. If he was remotely serious about the issues he was cam­paign­ing on in 2000, he would have done something in 2001–2003. God knows there was plenty of things that needed fighting. He could have made a difference. But he didn’t. He didn’t do a damn thing until he ran in 2004. After that, we didn’t hear from him again until he ran in 2008.

Hyp­o­crit­i­cal, ego­tis­ti­cal bastard.

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