George V. Reilly

Babywatch Day 14: Induction

It’s now two weeks since Michelle’s due date. She went into Holles Street Maternity Hospital this morning to have her baby induced. No progress yet. That kid doesn’t want to come out! It may be Sunday before it’s born.

Ironically, the Wild Geese Players read the Oxen of the Sun chapter of Ulysses last summer, which takes place in Holles Street. Bloom goes to visit his friend Mina Purefoy, who’s been three days in labor, and meets up with a crowd of drunken medical students and Stephen Dedalus. Between them, they manage to re­ca­pit­u­late the de­vel­op­ment of the English language.

We fly back to Seattle in the morning, so we certainly won’t see the baby before we leave. We’ll be back at the end of July to help my parents celebrate their 70th birthdays, and we’ll meet the kid then.

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