George V. Reilly


Sugar for Marzipan

I made my Christmas Cake back in November, but am only now getting around to putting on the icing. I’ve kept it moist with several ap­pli­ca­tions of whiskey.

Last year, I made marzipan from scratch. Never again! It was a huge amount of work to blanch the almonds and the stiff mixture of sugar and almonds caused the food processor to seize up more than once.

I didn’t use up all the marzipan that I made that time. I put the remainder into a sealed container, placed it in the fridge, and forgot all about it. When I took it out of the fridge yesterday, it was still good. Oh, the top half-inch had hardened and the rest was a tad dry, but it was good enough to use. I rolled it out and draped it over the cake.

I’ll add a layer of royal icing at the weekend and let it harden overnight.

And then I’m going to eat it.

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