George V. Reilly


Waiting in line at Salumi's

Salumi’s has the best selection of char­cu­terie in Seattle. The range and quality of their cured meats is truly impressive. The flavor, excellent. Their counter staff, friendly and family-like. The line goes out the door.

But. But. But.

Their service is wretched. That line moves at a glacial pace. I’ve never taken less than 20 minutes to get a sandwich; sometimes twice that. The staff are slow and in­ef­fi­cient. Their stations are badly laid out and they have to fumble around each other in their pokey little store.

Every time I watch them at work—and I always have plenty of time to watch them work—I want to drag them over to Jimmy John’s or Bakeman’s. Jimmy John’s is fast, efficient, and cheerful. Bakeman’s is fast, brusque, and serves up a side of attitude. But, by God, you get a sandwich in five minutes or less.

Salumi’s could double their speed and still be Salumi’s. I wish they would.

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