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Metro Open House

Metro Won't Get You There

I mentioned recently that the #39 route is closing, which would leave me without a direct connection to downtown Seattle. The new #50 route would run along 15th Ave S, two blocks from my house, to the Lander St Light Rail station in SoDo.

We attended the Metro Open House at the Jefferson Community Center this evening.

My concerns are slightly assuaged. The new #50 should run every 15 minutes and run until about 11pm. That’s better than the #39 which runs every 30 minutes until 7pm, then hourly until 9pm.

In addition, the #60, which also travels along 15th and goes past the Beacon Hill Light Rail station, would run later and longer, giving me another route to downtown.

But neither of these al­ter­na­tives gets me to downtown without a transfer.

I also asked about routing the #36 along 15th all the time, but it’s a trolley bus before 7pm and changing the route would require stringing overhead wires.

The closure of the #39 is not yet certain. Keep those letters coming.

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