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Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook

For a long time, I disliked Facebook. It seemed to consist entirely of annoying ac­quain­tances attacking me with vampires or sending me pointless “gifts”.

I’ve used Facebook more in the last month and it’s been less annoying than I remembered it. I check it once or twice a day and see updates from people I know. More en­ter­tain­ing than ex­as­per­at­ing.

Twitter, though, has not clicked for me. Brevity is good, but Twitter is too minimalist. Stream-of-con­scious­ness ejac­u­la­tions. Opaque URLs disdaining ex­pla­na­tion. Feh.

Scott Hanselman has a different take on Twitter.

Maybe I need to “follow” a better class of people.

I’ll go and yell at those damn kids to get off my lawn now.

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