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Bistrot Bistro

Bistrot Bistro

We discovered Bistrot Bistro in Kitsilano on a previous visit to Vancouver. It’s an agreeable little French restaurant just south of downtown. Emma suggested that we eat there again for my birthday, and it was a fine choice.

We ate from the prix fixe menu for $26 apiece. She had the carrot soup, roast chicken, and raspberry sorbet; I had the pate de campagne, a peppercorn steak, and a chocolate mousse. The prix fixe included a sizeable quantity of pommes frites. We added Brussel sprouts, a baguette with olive tapenade, and a half-litre of Pinot Gris, and walked away two hours later, pleasantly sated.

The last time we were there, it was full. This time, there were plenty of seats. I suspect a com­bi­na­tion of Sunday night, wet weather, and the economy. The food was still good.

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