George V. Reilly

I Fear My Office

Office Mess (Not Mine)

I fear going into my home office. It’s a huge mess of clutter, books piled everywhere, boxes of unsorted papers, crap all over my desk. (No, it’s not as bad as the ac­com­pa­ny­ing photo.)

My office overwhelms me. As a result, I don’t go in there, except to drop more stuff off and make it worse. I rarely use the desktop system there.

The living room couch has become my sub-office. I sit there of an evening and surf the web from my laptop. I pull out the bills every couple of weeks and take care of them from the couch. Then I dump them in the office.

I know what the solution is. I’ve known for a long time. I should go into the office for an hour at a time and impose order on some section of it. Repeat often enough and the office will feel welcoming again. I just spent an hour in there tonight and dealt with a big pile of books. The odds of my doing more sorting anytime soon are low, though, so the problem will persist.

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