George V. Reilly

Van Dusen Botanical Garden

Floating Bridge in the Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver

We came up to Vancouver, BC for the weekend. This morning, we visited the Van Dusen Botanical Garden for the first time. In a relatively small area, they’ve put together many spe­cial­ized gardens: rhodo­den­drons, a maze, heathers, redwoods, roses, gingkos, and more. In Seattle terms, it has elements of the Arboretum and the Rhodo­den­dron Garden. Well worth a visit, especially on a beautiful May morning.

This afternoon, we drove down to Ladner to visit my great-uncle Dick and his wife Margaret. They moved into a retirement home in March. Dick has visibly failed since we last saw him in September. Margaret remains remarkably spry and fit, but is nearly blind.

Tonight we are off to a party, the proximate excuse for our trip.

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