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Review: This Girl for Hire

This Girl for Hire
Title: This Girl for Hire
Author: G.G. Fickling
Rating: ★ ★
Publisher: The Overlook Press
Copyright: 1956
Pages: 220
Keywords: mystery
Reading period: 28–29 December, 2009

Honey West is a “private eyeful”, a kick-ass statuesque private in­ves­ti­ga­tor tough enough to take on the guys at their own game and sexy enough to dazzle them. Somehow she manages to lose her top all the time, but it never goes further than that. The plot is lu­di­crous­ly com­pli­cat­ed, switching gears on every page, with snappy Mike Ham­meresque dialog.

The books inspired a mid-sixties TV show that Emma remembers with great fondness. The sex was excised from the show, of course.

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