George V. Reilly

Glassy Eyed

Reading Why the Eyewear Industry Is An Incredible Rip-Off reminds me that I need to get some new glasses. I had my eyes tested last month and there is a small change in the pre­scrip­tion. I’ve had my current glasses for about six years.

From ages 12 to 44, I needed only distance lenses for my myopia, but then in the space of just a few months, I developed the classic problem of middle age: it became hard for me to read. I got a pair of glasses with pro­gres­sive lenses. I was used to having fairly clear peripheral vision and I had to learn to turn my head rather than my eyes.

Despite some of the warnings in the comments on the article about the eyewear industry, I think I’ll try ordering some glasses online and see how they work out for me. I’ll get a pair of computer glasses, since I stare at screens all day long.

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