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Review: The Crook Factory

The Crook Factory
Title: The Crook Factory
Author: Dan Simmons
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Publisher: Harper Torch
Copyright: 1999
Pages: 562
Keywords: thriller, historical
Reading period: 28 May–6 June, 2015

In 1942, Ernest Hemingway ran a counter-espionage ring and submarine-seeking operation from Cuba. Staffed by amateurs, it was approved by the American ambassador. The narrator, Joe Lucas, is sent by J. Edgar Hoover to infiltrate Hem­ing­way’s op. There seems to be a lot of espionage going on in Cuba and it looks like Hemingway is being set up for something.

Based loosely on true events, this is en­ter­tain­ing, if a tad longwinded and confusing.

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