George V. Reilly

LastPass and Diceware


My LastPass browser plugin just upgraded itself to v4.0. For several years, I’ve been using LastPass to manage all of my passwords. I have literally hundreds of passwords. I can’t even remember half the sites, much less the usernames. With LastPass, I can maintain a strong, distinct password for each site, which is robustly encrypted and backed up in the cloud, and I get good browser in­te­gra­tion and adequate Android in­te­gra­tion. We also use LastPass at work for our individual use and to share cre­den­tials.

There are still a handful of passwords that I have to remember and type, including the master password for my LastPass account, laptop passwords, and GPG passphras­es.

I’ve long used some cryptic passwords for those accounts, but I’m migrating to using Diceware passphras­es. The Intercept explains why passphras­es are a good idea.

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