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Review: The Dead of Winter

The Dead of Winter
Title: The Dead of Winter
Author: Lee Collins
Rating: ★ ★ ★
Publisher: Angry Robot
Copyright: 2012
Pages: 377
Keywords: Dark Fantasy
Reading period: 28–30 January, 2016

Cora Oglesby and her husband Ben have been slaying monsters and slinging guns all over the Old West for years, ever since the Civil War ended. In a bitterly cold winter, on the outskirts of a silver-mining town in Colorado, they take down a wendigo and then a nest of vampires.

Cora is tough and hardened and takes no crap from anyone, man or monster. But she’s damaged too, more than we realize at first. I thought the first-time author did a decent job of writing a paranormal Western: the tale moved along and Cora was an engaging character. However, I can’t accept that the central plot twist would have gone unnoticed for ten whole years. The dialogue of the Western characters sounded about right, but the speech of the two English gentlemen did not.

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