George V. Reilly

Caucus 2016

Waiting for the Caucus to start

The Washington state Democratic Caucus was held today. The final totals aren’t in yet but Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton by a nearly 3:1 margin around the state. Our own precinct, SEA 11-1945, had Sanders 41, Clinton 26, Undecided 2. That translates to 4 Sanders delegates and 2 Clinton delegates in the next level of caucusing.

Emma and I both voted for Sanders. We believe that Sanders represents much-needed change in the party and in the nation. Clinton is un­doubt­ed­ly one of the most qualified candidates ever, with an ex­tra­or­di­nary résumé and a high degree of competence. She’s also too tied to the status quo for my liking.

However, unlike some Sanders partisans, we’ll readily vote for Clinton in the general election should she be the Democratic nominee. Trump and Cruz are both vile in their different ways and must be defeated.

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