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Review: Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit
Title: Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½
Publisher: Arrow
Copyright: 1954
Pages: 256
Keywords: humor
Reading period: 18–21 April, 2016

Good old Bertie Wooster’s got a spot of bother and so has his aged relative, Aunt Dahlia. A young lady authoress has grown tired of her tedious fiancé, one “Stilton” Cheesewright by name, and set her sights on our hero. Dash it all, she’d want to improve a chap’s mind, when he’d rather take a cigarette for a walk and enjoy Jeeves’ cocktails. And Cheesewright’s a hulking brute threat­en­ing to break B.W.’s spine in five places. But Jeeves comes through in the end, saving Bertie and Aunt D.

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit is a fine example of P.G. Wode­house­’s apparently effortless prose. Bertie’s blithe piffle conjures up high society and long weekends at great houses in those halcyon days between the wars. Jeeves himself makes only brief ap­pear­ances, as Bertie fends for himself with middling success.

Good stuff, what!

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