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Review: Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond
Title: Star Trek Beyond
Director: Justin Lin
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Released: 2016
Keywords: sf, action
Watched: 24 July, 2016

Star Trek Beyond is the best of the Kelvin timeline Trek movies, easily surpassing the two previous episodes in the reboot.

The Enterprise is lured into an ambush where the ship is destroyed by Krall, a mega­lo­ma­ni­ac who has a grudge against the Federation. Most of the crew are captured, leaving only a few of the officers at large to run around fre­net­i­cal­ly. They find an ancient Federation ship, free the crew, and stop Krall before he can destroy a giant starbase.

I thought that this was the best of the three Kelvin movies and the closest to the feel of the original series. The ca­ma­raderie between the crew is good, but it takes second place to the incessant action. Trek is about ideas and dis­cov­er­ing brave new worlds, and that got short shrift against the need to keep the audience’s adrenaline pumping.

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