George V. Reilly

I'm With Her

History was made tonight as Hillary Clinton became the first woman nominated by a major party to run for President of the US. It’s a watershed moment for women’s equality and it was long overdue.

I was a Bernie Sanders supporter in the earlier stages of the campaign, as his message resonated more with me. But I was always ready and willing to support Clinton. I can’t think of a nominee with a more impressive résumé who’s run for President: first lady of Arkansas for more than a decade, First Lady of the US for two terms, US Senator for New York state for eight years, and Secretary of State for four years. Moreover, she has a lifelong track record of effective public service and working with both Re­pub­li­cans and Democrats. While she’s been more centrist and cor­po­ratist than I care for, she’s also been a pro­gres­sive champion, especially on health and children issues. She has survived decades of baseless attacks from the Re­pub­li­cans and they’ve never been able to take her down, though they’ve certainly led a large number of Americans to distrust her.

I can’t imagine myself voting for a Republican president, as we differ widely on so many issues. Even so, I’m astounded at how the Republican party has lost its way. The rest of the world thinks America has gone quite mad. It’s incredible that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. His low character, his deplorable tem­pera­ment, his vile speeches and dem­a­goguery, his bigotry and misogyny and racism, his lack of thought or self-control or any knowl­edge—any of these should have dis­qual­i­fied him. That they didn’t is an indictment of the Republican party. He truly is unfit for the office. While I vigorously disagreed with Romney, McCain, and Bush, I never thought they were unfit to be President.

Clinton can do the job and do it well. She has the tem­pera­ment and the experience. I’m with her.

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