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Alembic: Data Migrations

We use Alembic to perform schema migrations whenever we add (or drop) tables or columns from our databases. It’s less well known that Alembic can also perform data migrations, updating existing data in tables.

Here’s an example adapted from a migration I put together this afternoon. I added a non-NULL Boolean stooge column to the old_timers table, with a default value of FALSE. I wanted to update certain rows to have stooge=TRUE as part of the migration. The following works with PostgreSQL.

Note the server_de­fault=sa.false() in the de­c­la­ra­tion of the stooge column, which is needed to initially set all instances of stooge=FALSE. I then declare a table which has only the two columns needed for the migration. Finally, I execute an update on the table.

from alembic import op
import sqlalchemy as sa
from sqlalchemy.sql import table

StoogeNames = (
    "Larry - Production",
    "Moe - Production",
    "Curly - Production",

def upgrade():

    old_timers = table(
        sa.Column('name', sa.VARCHAR(length=40)),
        sa.Column('stooge', sa.Boolean())
        # Other columns not needed for the data migration

            .values({'stooge': True})

def downgrade():
    op.drop_column('old_timers', 'stooge')
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