George V. Reilly

Seattle Womxn's March

Trump was in­au­gu­rat­ed as 45th President on Friday, drawing smaller crowds than either of Obama’s in­au­gu­ra­tions. There were prompt, easily disproved lies from Trump and his press secretary that Trump had drawn record crowds.

On Saturday, huge crowds all over the US and elsewhere marched in opposition to Trump and his agenda. 500,000 marched in Washington DC—far more than attended the Trump In­au­gu­ra­tion. That crowd included my 4-year-old niece, her mother, her aunt, and her cousin, as well as other friends from all over the country. 170,000 marched in Seattle. It’s estimated that more than 3,000,000 people marched in total, making it the largest protest ever. Trump can pull yuge crowds after all.

Emma and I attended the Seattle March. I would have marched but I had heel surgery last week. We took the Light Rail to Westlake Station and watched. I propped myself up outside Macy’s for half an hour, kneeling on my scooter. That was tiring enough. I got no further than 20 yards from the station elevator.

There was an endless, endless stream of good-natured protesters. Pink pussy hats everywhere. Lots of Nasty Women. Signs, lots of signs, many of them funny. A picture of Trump captioned “Lawrence of the Labia.” “Keep your Tiny Hands off my Body.” “There will be Hell Toupée.” “Hell, yes. We’re Ovary Acting.” “We shall Overcomb.” “Pinkslip Putin’s Puppet.”

It was heartening to see such vocal opposition to Trump. But we have to keep the momentum going. “The march shouldn’t be a moment to rest and celebrate. It should be a warm up.” We have to win at the ballot box. And other things.

George resting surgical boot on knee scooter

Marchers at Westlake Plaza

You can’t tell in this photo but my right knee is kneeling on the knee scooter.

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