George V. Reilly

Changing the Console Font


I re-read Scott Hansel­man’s blog post on using Consolas as the Windows Console Font, and I decided to put together a registry file to make it a little simpler. (You’ll have to rename the file to console-font.reg after down­load­ing.)

The registry file includes entries for:

As Scott says:
(I’m afraid I can’t distribute Consolas online or provide a download out of abject fear. That said, you can find it in any version of the Longhorn bits.)

Or Office 12, I believe.

Update, 2008/01/15. The Consolas Font Pack is the easiest way to get Consolas, if you don’t have Office 2007 or Vista. Tech­ni­cal­ly, you are supposed to have Visual Studio 2005. (I’m guessing that VS 2008 comes with Consolas.)

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