George V. Reilly

Filibuster Alito

This morning, I sent the following letter to the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee:


Your job last week was to show up Samuel Alito as the extremist that he is.

You failed. You were out­ma­neu­vred by the Re­pub­li­cans and you did not make a compelling case when you had the spotlight on you. Instead many of you were, rightfully, pilloried as bloviating blowhards.

Do you really want your legacy to be that you swung the Supreme Court to the right for three decades? Do you want to remembered as one who lost Roe v. Wade? That you placed someone with a track record of priv­i­leg­ing the executive branch on the Court under such an ad­min­is­tra­tion? To have confirmed, by default, another Justice in the mold of Scalia and Thomas?

Stand up and fight! If – no, when! – Alito gets out of committee, filibuster! What are you saving the filibuster for, if not to prevent the balance of power changing in the Supreme Court?

We, the freedom lovers of America, are counting on you to do your job, and lead!

George V. Reilly, Seattle, WA

Here’s the contact in­for­ma­tion for the Judiciary Committee

Here’s a very pissed off reaction to the ineptitude of the Democrats

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