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Atlas On Demand - Pilot

Jackass movie poster

Mon­ey­Cen­tral is reporting that our Video On Demand product is running a major pilot:

Cable television operator Sunflower Broadband and MTV Networks today announced that they are launching a market-leading campaign to dy­nam­i­cal­ly insert national ad­ver­tise­ments into on-demand cable television. Sunflower will begin dy­nam­i­cal­ly placing ads into MTV Networks on-demand pro­gram­ming this week. The first campaign, created and managed by the agency Mediaedge:cia, promotes the theatrical release of Paramount Pictures’ and MTV Films’ major motion picture "jackass number two", in theaters nationwide on September 22. Ads for the movie will be inserted into Comedy Central On Demand programs at the moment that viewers request the free on-demand shows.

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