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#1 Technical Blog, revisited

#1 Technical Blog on Google, revisited

A week ago, I said that my technical blog somehow comes up as #1 technical blog on Google.

Several people pointed out that in my screenshot, I was logged in to Google. As you can see if you click on this screenshot, I can reproduce this result even when I’m not signed in.

I’m still confounded by that ranking. My content is good, but largely un­re­mark­able—though I’m unduly fond of A Use for Octal; my style is un­der­stat­ed; my traffic is un­con­gest­ed; and my top billing is undeserved.

But none of the technical blogs listed on that first page are of the first order, except Mark Russi­novich‘s.

If I thought it made sense, I’d be flattered. Alas, I cannot make it so.

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