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Adapting Penelope, part II

The Odyssey :: The Meeting of Ulysses and Penelope

Last night, I read the first third of the chapter. Tonight I will read more.

I described it as “badly punctuated.” There’s no punc­tu­a­tion at all! No apos­tro­phes, no commas, no periods. The “sen­tences” are separated by paragraph breaks.

So far, Molly Bloom has thought back to Mrs Riordan, an obnoxious elderly neighbor whom Leopold Bloom flattered; sickness; Bloom’s in­fi­deli­ties, present and past; her own seductions and con­fes­sion­s; sex and child­birth; jealousy; ag­gra­vat­ing husbands.

In the second paragraph: men are all so different; how strange Bloom is; Bloom is “mad on the subject of drawers”; their first sexual encounter; punc­tu­al­i­ty; a potential singing trip to Belfast with both Bloom and Blazes Boylan, her paramour; her last concert; hating politics; money; well-dressed men; losing weight, face lotion, and beauty on the wane; the sordid books he brings her; Bloom could do better than his ad­ver­tis­ing job; Bloom thinking he knows a lot about women’s dress.

And of course lots more that I didn’t note here.

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