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Sample ASP Components: now at Github

Beginning ATL 3 COM Programming

From October 1996 to May 1997, I wrote a number of sample components for the then-new Active Server Pages (Classic ASP). I worked for Mi­cro­Crafts, a consulting company in Redmond, WA; the samples were written for Mi­crosoft­’s Internet In­for­ma­tion Server (IIS) team. Most of the components used Mi­crosoft­’s new Active Template Library (ATL), a C++ library for COM.

This work had two important con­se­quences for me: Microsoft recruited me to join the IIS de­vel­op­ment team to work on improving ASP per­for­mance for IIS 3, and Wrox Press invited me to write Beginning ATL COM Pro­gram­ming I was originally supposed to be the sole author of the book, but I was a slow writer and I was caught up in the IIS 4 deathmarch, so Wrox brought in three more co-authors to complete the book. A fourth co-author was brought in for the second edition, Beginning ATL 3 COM Pro­gram­ming. As for IIS, I spent seven years on the team, where in addition to leading the per­for­mance team, I also worked on the http.sys kernel driver that was released in Windows Server 2003 (IIS 6).

For many years, these components could be found at http://www.georgevreil­ I’m making them available now at Github.

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