George V. Reilly

Craft Distilleries

Washington state is well-known for coffee, wineries, and mi­cro­brew­eries. Dozens of small-batch craft dis­til­leries have been started in Washington state since 2008 after a change in the law. Most of them are quite good. I drink Irish and Scotch whiskies, but otherwise neither of us drink spirits often, so we’ve barely tried the local dis­til­leries.

We drank a really nice gin from Sun Liquor at a New Year’s Eve party, and we’ve been meaning to follow up. This afternoon, we stopped at the Oola Distillery on Capitol Hill and sampled all their wares. We left with a half bottle of their Rosemary Vodka. Then we stopped in at Sun Liquor and came out with a bottle of the Hedge Trimmer Gin.

At the rate we consume spirits, those should last quite a while.

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