George V. Reilly



I was sent an invite to Keybase a few weeks, which I accepted tonight.

Keybase Wants To Make Serious Encryption Accessible To Mere Mortals explains:

From a cryp­to­graph­ic standpoint, PGP is rock solid. In practice, using it is very messy. Its complexity has deterred the vast majority of people who might otherwise benefit from using encryption.

The first problem is es­tab­lish­ing a valid identity, especially with other people located oceans away. The second is dis­trib­ut­ing public keys without nefarious types posting al­ter­na­tive keys that appear to be registered to the same person. … The third issue is getting people to install and use PGP software.

I can now be reached via­ly. I’ve proved my identity on GeorgeVReil­, GitHub, Twitter, Reddit, and Hacker News.

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