George V. Reilly

Election Night 2016

As I write this, it’s 2320 PST on Election Night 2016. Trump has 248 votes in the Electoral College, Clinton has 218; 270 votes are needed to win. It’s not over yet—­sev­er­al key swing states have yet to de­clar­e—but it’s likely that I will wake up to headlines about President-Elect Trump.

What. The. Fuck! America!? How could we do this? How!?

The most unsuitable, un­qual­i­fied, unfit party nominee ever to run for US President is closing in on victory. One of the most qualified candidates ever is trailing in the polls and is unlikely to win. How did this happen?

This is the US’s Brexit moment. We failed. We fucked up. This is not how I expected tonight to turn out. I expected to be toasting President-Elect Clinton by now.

I thought it would be close. (Thanks, Jim Comey.) I really did not expect that Trump would be leading at this point.

I get the impulse to stick it to the man. I’m not happy with the status quo either and Clinton represents the safe pair of hands. Trump is the wild card. Who knows what he’ll do. He’s been repudiated by the Republican elite as they can’t control him either. Given his marked lack of self-control to date and his au­thor­i­tar­i­an impulses, I’m not looking forward to four years of Trump. I survived eight years of Bush, but right now, George W. Bush is looking like a re­spon­si­ble fucking adult—­some­thing I could hardly have imagined saying in 2008.

Dubya eked out two narrow victories and governed as if he had a sig­nif­i­cant mandate. Trump currently has a narrow margin in the popular vote and a 30-vote lead in the Electoral College, but I expect him to act as if he won by over­whelm­ing acclaim.

If America were a small country, it might not matter that much in the global scheme of things. But the world is watching. The markets have already spoken, dropping 500 points.

I’m hoping to wake up to better news in the morning.


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