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Blog Cleanup

I started this blog 14 years ago, in February 2003, on EraBlog, a long-defunct platform. Many of my early posts expressed outrage at the imminent Iraq War. Within a couple of years, I had moved to running dasBlog on my own website, hosted at

I wrote a lot of posts over the next decade. With rare exception, most posts were composed offline as re­Struc­tured­Text and saved in a repository. There was no formal schema and most posts did not know their permalink.

In late 2014, I moved to the Acrylamid static blog generator and I hosted www.georgevreil­ at GitHub Pages. I migrated most of the dasBlog content into a more Acrylamid-friendly form. A few hundred posts did not get migrated; mostly the ones that hadn’t stored the permalinks. I added a pile of new posts, but I left the old posts alone. Until this weekend, when I cleaned up several hundred more posts and published them here. I’m sure I missed a few but almost everything is up now. I believe all internal hyperlinks have been repaired. One big exception: all the permalinks used to end in .aspx, thanks to dasBlog being written in ASP.NET. Now all permalinks end in .html. A number of the offsite links have rotted. I will probably never fix those.

The easiest repairs were along the lines of:

git grep -l 'SomePattern' | xargs -o vim
:bufdo %s/SomePattern/OtherPattern/ | update

Many of the repairs were not so easy, starting with figuring out the correct permalink for orphaned source files.

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