George V. Reilly

I Haz Shoes

I’ve been wearing a surgical boot since my heel surgery six weeks ago. The first month I spent getting around on a knee walker or crutches. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been walking more and more, but always wearing the boot. The doctor told me today that I could start weaning myself off the boot, but not to rush it.

I wore shoes on my right foot tonight for the first time. I tried on a Doc Marten shoe but found it too stiff. It rubbed against the scar at the back of my heel. A pair of sneakers were more com­fort­able. I’ll bring the right sneaker to work with me tomorrow and wear it for a while.

It’s such a relief to let my ankle flex forward. As soon as I step off my right foot while wearing the surgical boot, the inability to lean forward crimps my stride. And the thick raised sole pushes me off-kilter and does my hips and lower back no good.

Baby steps!

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