George V. Reilly


Scrum and Agile revolve around sprints. At my previous employer, I spent two years working in one-week sprints. At my current job, I've spent another two years working in four-week sprints.

Each has their own rhythm. We ran the one-week sprint from Wednesday to the following Tuesday. Wednesday morning, we'd demo the previous week's work and we'd plan, drawing up a series of task cards, measured in hours. With a one-week horizon, you couldn't go very far off track. You can't get a huge amount done in a week either. You need to have a bigger picture in mind that transcends several weeks. We released every couple of months.

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The Bowling Game

There's a flamefest going on at the moment between Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin and Joel Spolsky over the value of Test-Driven Design and the SOLID principles. I find TDD valuable and I'm reading Martin's Clean Code at present.

Poking around in the links led me to Uncle Bob's Bowling Game Kata, a Powerpoint deck demon­strat­ing using TDD to score a bowling game.

Ron Jeffries has a very ugly OO im­ple­men­ta­tion and a cleaner procedural version of the Bowling Game. Digging around in the archives of his XP Magazine turns up many other ru­mi­na­tions on the Bowling Game

At Atlas, I was loaned to one group that used the Bowling Game for a continue.