George V. Reilly

Setting Up a Pairing Workstation for Chrome and Git

[Pre­vi­ous­ly published at the now defunct MetaBrite Dev Blog.]

At MetaBrite, we believe in the power of pair pro­gram­ming. We find that pairing helps for col­lab­o­ra­tion on difficult tasks, for exploring new areas, for knowledge transfer, and for spurring each other to better solutions. I find it to be fun, though it can also be exhausting. It's not ideal for all our work—there's no value in tying up two developers on some rote task that both know well.

Last week, I rebuilt our primary pairing work­sta­tion. In its previous in­car­na­tion, we had an account for each developer. Each of us had set up some personal pref­er­ences in our own continue.