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Blast from the Past I

I first started blogging at EraBlog in February 2003, during the run-up to the Iraq war. EraBlog never really took off and now seems to be ex­pe­ri­enc­ing technical problems.

I’m reposting all of my original posts. I’ve cleaned up the links, where possible, and added an image at the top of each one, but have not otherwise modified the posts.

As you can see, Iraq weighed on my mind. And I was fucking right! Going to war was wrong, and even then I (like many others) could see that the case for war was lacking.

2003/02/07: Casus Belli

2003/02/07: Pencil Carvings

2003/02/07: State of the Union

2003/02/07: Hasbians: Bi for Now

2003/02/07: Barbara Lee: Public Enemy Number One?

2003/02/08: Bush-Iraq parody of Nigerian spam scam

2003/02/09: Casus Belli II

2003/02/09: TiVo

2003/02/09: Powell at the UN

2003/02/14: Patriot Act II

2003/02/14: Hans Blix reports to the UN

2003/02/14: Seattle Peace Rally, Sat 15th Feb, Seattle Center

2003/02/20: The Seattle March

2003/02/21: MSNBC’s The Savage Nation

2003/02/24: Why Nerds are Unpopular in American high schools

2003/02/26: Why God is a Computer Programmer

2003/03/04: Irish Personals

2003/03/12: The Onion does St. Patty’s Day

2003/03/17: Can­dle­light Vigil for Peace

2003/03/18: How Bush made enemies of our allies

More to follow tomorrow.

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